The beginning of a remarkable story

In the early 1980s, the computer market in Poland was just developing. Lucjan Daniel Wencel, a Polish businessman living in the US, decided to take advantage of the existing state of affairs. In 1983, he founded Logical Design Works, Inc. based in San Jose, California. Shortly thereafter, LDW Inc. began manufacturing peripherals for the 8-bit Atari under the California Access™ brand.

When computerization in Poland gained more momentum PC hardware production was also addressed. In the 1990s, the California Access™ brand was acquired by Komputronik SA. 
In 2020, the California Access™ brand celebrated its 30th anniversary!


California Access™ – the brand’s first logo and current

Our values

The brand that is winning the hearts of gamers!

Currently, California Access™ is one of the fastest growing brands of computer hardware in Poland. The gaming section of the brand, are accessories that can meet the expectations of the most demanding gamers.

Proven and reliable partners

Cooperation with the California Access brand is a guarantee of a professional approach and comprehensive marketing service.Both before, during and after the event.

We continue to develop our product portfolio

Wildcat, Irbis or Tiger II mice, Anaconda headphones, Goliath Black optomechanical keyboard are bestsellers and absolute hits in their categories, highly rated by industry portals and, above all, warmly received by a wide range of gamers.

Three decades in the electronics industry

We are professionals. Years of experience and expertise stand behind us. We work with the biggest players in the electronics industry. Since 2018, we have been organizing booths at the largest trade fairs and esports events together with Philips Hue.

We cooperate with